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1989 - 1994 Mazda MPV Engine - Mazda Rebuilt Motor L4 2.6 L - Remanufactured Mazda Block
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 1989 - 1994 Mazda MPV Engine - Mazda Rebuilt Motor L4 2.6 L - Remanufactured Mazda Block
Part Name:L4, 2.6 L, 2,606 CC Rebuilt Engine
Size:2.6 L
Engine Type:L4
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Fuel Delivery:Fuel Injection
VIN Code:2
Aspiration:Non Turbo
Head Casting:N/A
Block Casting:N/A
Crank Casting:N/A
Notes:Our remanufactured engine will match or exceed the original Mazda dealer / crate engine performances. Your reman engine will be tested for compression, engine noise, oil pressure, oil leaks and wide-ranging operating situations before delivery.
SOHC, 12 valve, balance shaft, 2wd, 4wd require oil pickup tube to be changed. Fits 8/88-95
 L4, 2.6 L, 2,606 CC Rebuilt Engine
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